Paint Liquidation Outlet

Paints4Less is your source for Ecologically friendly, budget friendly recycled paint. Every year thousands of gallons of new, surplus, mis-tints and unwanted left-over paint is wasted or disposed of improperly. Paints4Less works to cut down on this waste by recycling these products into quality paints and construction products. At Paints4Less we take recycling seriously, and even the paint cans we receive are re-used or recycled.
Our patented scientific process insures that all of our products are of the highest quality. LifeCycle paint can be used on both exterior and interior painting projects for homes, apartments, and commercial buildings. Additionally, Paints4Less produces other renewable products to help your home or business go green while improving its appearance and landscaping.

Paints4Less Products

“Life Cycle” Paint
“Tag-Out” Graffiti Paint
“Egduls” Asphalt Slurry
“Soft Rocks”

Paints4Less Services

Free recycling of primers, sealers, water based paint, and stains of any quantity are accepted at our facility. We also accept oil (solvent) based paints up to 27 gallons. (Please call ahead before drop off.) There are no fees charged for items that are being recycled. We can also pickup the items being recycled for a pick up fee.
Recycled Paint Manufacturing